Hello! Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Miles, I'm an Australian-based illustrator, cartoonist, and designer, and I go by the online psuedonym "Ufochasing". I primarily use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro. Aside from illustration, I also create games, code webpages in HTML, and make music. I am inspired by anime figures, goth/punk fashion, FRUiTS magazine, eary 2000s video games and cartoons, toys from my childhood, Japanese artists, and horror media, among other things. I like drawing exaggerated and highly stylised characters and environments, and using bright, high contrast colour palettes with thick lines and angular shapes. I coded this website myself in HTML, and I created every graphic used on this site.
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AUGUST 2021 A variety of character portrait concepts for an RPG. I wanted to explore a diverse range of character designs and personalities. They are all very rough, as I challenged byself to sketch each portrait in under two minutes, in order to capture the designs I had thought of quickly, without getting lost in intricate details.

AUGUST 2022 An illustration I made of a Vampiric character to practice painting and rendering digitally.

SEPTEMBER 2021 Concept art of two characters that I intended to use for an informative game about computer programs. The character on the left is inspired by internet browsers (mostly Chrome), and the one on the right is inspired by email programs.

NOVEMBER 2020 A large collection of character sprites made for a game concept about fantasy creatures, witchcraft, and environmentalism.
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