Hello! Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Miles, I'm an Australian-based illustrator, cartoonist, and designer, and I go by the online psuedonym "Ufochasing". I primarily use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro. Aside from illustration, I also create games, code webpages in HTML, and make music. I am inspired by anime figures, goth/punk fashion, FRUiTS magazine, eary 2000s video games and cartoons, toys from my childhood, Japanese artists, and horror media, among other things. I like drawing exaggerated and highly stylised characters and environments, and using bright, high contrast colour palettes with thick lines and angular shapes. I coded this website myself in HTML, and I created every graphic used on this site.
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AUGUST 2021 Test build previews from a work-in-progress game project. Created in RPG Maker VX Ace. I created simple, familiar forest environments using tilesets and pixel art to test the engine before creating more intricate and complex environments. I also created a simple train compartment as part of the starting area.

JUNE 2022 Portrait artwork made for another WIP game project. The style was intended to be reminiscent of art found in 90s JRPGs.

AUGUST 2021 Character sprites made for a game test build, again inspired by old JRPGs.

MAY 2022 More test build previews.
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