Hello! Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Miles, I'm an Australian-based illustrator, cartoonist, and designer, and I go by the online psuedonym "Ufochasing". I primarily use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro. Aside from illustration, I also create games, code webpages in HTML, and make music. I am inspired by anime figures, goth/punk fashion, FRUiTS magazine, eary 2000s video games and cartoons, toys from my childhood, Japanese artists, and horror media, among other things. I like drawing exaggerated and highly stylised characters and environments, and using bright, high contrast colour palettes with thick lines and angular shapes. I coded this website myself in HTML, and I created every graphic used on this site.
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MAY 2022 Character concepts exploring colour palettes inspired by pop art. I wasn't sure what colours I specifically wanted to use, so I explored multiple options by simply shifting the hue.

OCTOBER 2021 A commission inspired by rave fashion of the early 2000s.

FEBRUARY 2021 Concept art of two characters intended to be used for a comic I was planning at one point about vampires in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by Twin Peaks and The Lost Boys, set in an indterminable, anachronistic time period (but mostly inspired by the 90s and early 2000s).

MARCH 2021 An illustration I did to practice drawing backgrounds, perspective, and intricate details. I wanted to depict the setting as more stylised, with clearly hand-drawn visuals in order to make the whole illustration feel more organic than it would if I had used strict perspective and very straight lines. I wanted to depict a feeling of loneliness and rural isolation, depicting the focus character as an alien in order to help further this metaphor.
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