Hello! Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Miles, I'm an Australian-based illustrator, cartoonist, and designer, and I go by the online psuedonym "Ufochasing". I primarily use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro. Aside from illustration, I also create games, code webpages in HTML, and make music. I am inspired by anime figures, goth/punk fashion, FRUiTS magazine, eary 2000s video games and cartoons, toys from my childhood, Japanese artists, and horror media, among other things. I like drawing exaggerated and highly stylised characters and environments, and using bright, high contrast colour palettes with thick lines and angular shapes. I coded this website myself in HTML, and I created every graphic used on this site.
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FEBRUARY 2020 Outfit concepts drawn for a fantasy tabletop game. Intended to be used as uniforms representative of different in-game realms and elements. The outfit designs are intended to be unisex, as well as designed to be functional yet ornamental at the same time, with unique colours for each group but with a unified design and style.

DECEMBER 2021 Two traditionally hand-draw character illustrations made with fineliners and paper. These were created with minimal initial sketches or concepts in order to give them a more organic, illustrative and improvised feel. Both were drawn with thick, bold lines, and the first was coloured with Copic markers.

DECEMBER 2021 A character illustration. I wanted to juxtapose a sickly, scary looking character with cute, colourful elements. I used bright colours and girly accessories to offset the more offputting elements of the character to create a visual aesthetic that is both creepy and cute. The element that I like the most in this illustration is the bold, thick, sharp lines.

OCTOBER 2020 The concept for a series of illustrations I did in year 12, as well as some of the final pieces. Themed around trauma and mental health. The illustrations were fairly abstract, with bright, harsh colours and jittery noise effects that I used to make the images uncomfortable and difficult to look at. My intention with these illustrations was to cause a painful or upsetting feeling in the viewer, while leaving the meanings of the artworks easy to infer but still up to interpretation.
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